Our Development and Manufacturing services for Pre-Clinical and Phase -1 NCEs are:

Scale up Capabilities

We handle small-scale NCE’s production critical for discovery and development and infrastructure to perform rapid scale-up. Our multiple kilo-scale laboratory equipped for the preparation of starting materials and other process intermediates on a scale from hundreds of grams to tens of kilograms.

Custom Synthesis

Regardless of scale or complexity, we have the expertise, capacity and capabilities to rapidly meet your custom synthesis needs. From milligram quantities of a metabolite to several kilograms of a scaffold, we tailor our services to suit your needs, applying a chemical or biocatalysts approaches depending on the complexity of your molecule.

Our library synthesis teams deliver targeted arrays of drug-like compounds. This team is well-versed in deploying various state-of the-art instruments and techniques, routinely delivering focused chemical libraries ranging in size from 50 to 200 compounds with synthetic and structural complexity.

Computational chemistry team members work alongside medicinal chemists during the library design and enumeration process.

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